Welcome to need to sell your car. com of Florida, a family owned and operated used car service. At needtosellyourcar.com, we buy all types of used cars from private sellers in the south Florida area. Therefore all of our vehicles are in the best shape mechanically and cosmetically, unlike most dealers we do not buy from the auto auctions. Our inventory is not large but it is wide and full of variety. At needtosellyourcar.com we strive to reach full customer satisfaction every time.

Vehicle Listing Agents

Our Vehicle Listing service is a new revolutionary service we provide to sell your car. Every effort is made to keep the process as easy, simple and convenient for our clients. We start by examining the car and then let you know the appropriate market value for your vehicle. Once we agree on a price that is good for you, we will take about 30 close-up pictures to send to our contacts. This will help us to locate a buyer for your vehicle. As soon as we find a legitimate buyer we will pay you the full agreed price and leave with the vehicle and title. There are no risks involved, the car and title stay in your possession until we come back and pay for it. Nobody comes to test drive the car, it is sold solely through our pictures and our well respected reputation. And the best part is our service is absolutely FREE! We make our money through the buyer, not you. We work very diligently to sell your car and the whole process usually happens within 7 days.

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Prices do not include title fee(s), tag fee(s), or taxes.